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Sorry I haven't been around to provide updates folks, but I simply didn't have the time. Or rather I should say when I did have any extra time I was trying to catch up on sleep. One night I did not get home until 6:30am.

The PNMs have signed their cards and the Bid Lists have been turned in. Quota range for Freshman was projected earlier today at 70-75 for Freshmen and about 5 for Upperclassmen.

Something very odd happened this year. In years past there has been a fairly steady flow of PNM withdrawals after each round. This year though they hung in there, but then there was a mass exodus during and after Pref. Very odd. I'll definately be asking if there are any reasons why.

Last I checked there were 1249 currently active PNMs. Bids will be revealed at noon on Sunday.

Good luck to all the PNMs and Chapters! Happy Bid Day everyone!
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