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Originally Posted by magnoliacurious View Post
When you say quota, do you mean just the freshman quota or the overall quota including the upperclassman quota? Because I think for rush in 2007, the freshman quota (the one I hear that's official) was 73 and the upperclassman quota was 7 for an overall unofficial quota of 80 and this year's total number signed up is a little higher than 2007 (although of course there's now one more sorority).

BTW, I think last years' Ole Miss quota was 84, it may well have been 92 shortly before that.
Do you mean 2008? Instead of 2007? I had understood (thanks to Zillini) that the total amount starting was roughly the same as 2008...maybe a dozen or so less. Or more. But roughly the same.
Yes, having another sorority to put into the equation will definitely affect numbers.
I believe Ole Miss' quota was 92 a couple or three years ago.

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