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Originally Posted by PGD-GRAD View Post
"Today Show" this morning had Tim Piazza's parents and his brother with their most in-depth interview yet--it was heart-wrenching; they said they had not watched the in-house video and could not. His father had nothing good to say about Penn State officials or any of the Beta brothers or pledges. They recounted their last minutes with Tim as he lay dying in the hospital.
They said that no brothers nor Penn State officials came to the wake or funeral. The interview was just damning and heart-breaking in EVERY sense.
Sorry, the rank and file should have rebelled against any order to not attend. I cannot imagine such a callous response!

We ALL (advisors of both men's and women's groups) should consider showing these films and interviews to our entire chapters next fall. I believe they hit EVERYBODY, regardless of age. I've already spoken to our new chapter officers about it being part of one of next-fall's early meetings.
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