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I have now been spring rush chair for my fraternity for two years now. Last year we signed our largest class ever at 15 (which we eventually only initiated 11 due to attrition). This year to cut down on numbers I only signed 9. Out of the two years there has only been one individual turn down a something must be going right.
When approaching spring rush I always hit up the current freshmen for as many rush names as possible. They usually know friends from high school that would be good potential rushees, or they know other freshmen from classes, organizations, or intramurals who would be assetts to your fraternity. Also gaining recommendations from sororities, academic advisors, and older members is a great resource as well.

The best way to sign a rushee in the spring is to just show as much passion for your house as possible. If you can show the rushee how big of an impact the house has made on you and how much you care about your fraternity, it will pour over into the rushee. He will almost automatically want to be a part of what you are selling. Also it is key to make the rushee feel comfortable when around the house or meeting with brothers. You want the rushee to picture himself as a member. If you can figure out the needs of the rushee and what he is looking for in a house and then promote your fraternity's abilities to meet those needs, you probably will have the rushee locked up.
Basically for spring rush you need to show the kid why being a GDI is bad, and how much better it is to be a member of your fraternity.
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