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It sounds like this is a good time to reach out to your advisors, regional and national HQ members to help them create an image for y'all to adhere to. I know my chapter came up with a list of adjectives that we used to focus who we were looking for in recruitment-so instead of describing every girl that came through the door as "cute" or "genuine" because they were basically all cute and genuine, we could say a PNM was "engaged", "involved", or "gracious".

As for the rankings during recruitment, my chapter had to have a serious talk with seniors who weren't using our rating system properly and giving girls all low scores or all high scores instead of being realistic. Your recruitment chair might have to have individual talks with girls who don't follow the scoring system after she presents how it ought to work to the chapter. That's a place that your recruitment advisor or equivalent title in your org can help with.

If you want to have a say in how these things are done, run for an elected position.
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