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Not a PC post in any way, but....Ole Miss rush is crazy to me. With almost any school in the country, while "tiers" are not the be-all-end-all of your experience in a GLO, simply by comparing even social media against each other, you can usually get a sense of where a chapter falls in the hierarchy. Not to mention, despite the mantra "all chapters are strong", at many schools that isn't quite the case, and there are chapters with more members, better events and houses, etc.

Not remotely at Ole Miss. I swear when you look at photos, you can't tell a thing. Recently I saw photos of a chapter where every single girl looked like a model, seemed to be in intelligent majors, they seemed to be doing tons of really fun and well planned things as both a chapter and individuals, they seemed well represented in campus honors and positions, their house was drop dead gorgeous, only to learn they are considered one of the "bottom" chapters. I had to laugh because that chapter, if transferred to my alma mater and if their photos were even half truthful of what the sorority would have been like, would have easily been one of the strongest chapters and would have been able to pull almost any girl they wanted.

It seems to be that there are chapters that pledge MS girls, chapters that pledge OOS girls from close by that still have connections, and chapters that pledge OOS girls from farther away with less/no connections, and that the primary differentiation of "tiers" is whether you are from MS or not. I really cannot imagine another school where the chapters seem so equal in just about everything...involvement, looks, activities, beautiful houses, etc. It seems like wherever you landed you'd have an unparalleled experience.

Not that I would expect that to affect tent talk in any way whatsoever, and not that I'd expect that those from MS who were born and bred to be in one specific chapter would agree. Just a "left coast" Yankee's perceptions from the outside looking in.

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