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Originally Posted by Herbie View Post
This is simply not true. Nebraska used RFM with a variable quota. A lot of women would drop out if they did not get invited to the chapter that they had hoped for and this is still true today.
RFM was first used at Nebraska in 2010. I would have to go look at the numbers from that year, but I am pretty confident every chapter was given the same quota. However without the information in front of me right now I cannot be 100% certain. (For sure by 2012 every chapter was given the same quota.) You are absolutely correct that women still drop out if they are not getting the chapter(s) they hoped for! However with RFM more women are staying in the process than before because they are readjusting their thinking as the week progresses. Also, going to a 2 party preference this year reduced the number of Intentional Single Preferences by quite a bit, so this is really great!

When I was on campus back in the late 70s/early 80s, quota was set they way I described it. They may have used a different method of setting quota when you were on campus.
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