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As a Long Beach State alumna, and a Gamma Phi Beta, I can tell you that the CSULB Greek Life website is not that helpful. It's a nice looking website, but the information for NPC recruitment seems sort of like an afterthought - just the dates and application. Plus, not all of the NPC chapters have a local website. Please note, however, that Alpha Omicron Pi does have a website. The Greek Life Office hasn't gotten around to updating the listing yet. Their website address is: is the link directly to the Greek Life home page.

I am flattered that you seem to like Gamma Phi Beta so much. Though, I am not sure why you favor my organization over all the others! There are some really fantastic sororties at both universities! I echo what the others are saying. Go through recruitment with the idea that you'll at least give all of the groups a fair chance. Allow yourself to be open to finding out which one truly speaks to your heart. If you do that, you can't go wrong.

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