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Originally Posted by DeltaBetaBaby View Post
So, I do not know your campus, but I'm going to make a crazy suggestion, and you decide if it's appropriate for UNR and your group:

Are there a decent number of organizations that have a set meeting time/place? If so, you could possibly allow people to order these for delivery at a higher price. Let's say you have a list of organizations: primarily Greek orgs, but maybe also things like Hillel, or the Marketing Students Group or what have-you.

First you contact those orgs, and ask if you can drop by their meetings, and so on. You compile a list, put it on the table where you are selling these, and then people can be like "oh, for $3, I can send a nice message to my girlfriend at her meeting" or "oh, for $5, I can interrupt my roommate's lacrosse practice to tell him to do the dishes".

This is more work, organizationally, but it opens up a whole new angle. I feel like I definitely would have paid a couple of bucks here and there to send secret messages to my friends so that they had to track down some sort of translation, and would have liked receiving the same, but I'm a total troublemaker.

ETA: I would TOTALLY ask a guy to formal in this manner, if it was a friend or boyfriend I knew would say yes, and just wanted to have some fun with it.
I need to give you a medal DeltaBetaBaby. Our campus is the kind that loves stuff like what you're suggesting. I cannot remember how many of my classes were sweetly interrupted around Valentines Day because the brothers of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia would call someone out into the hall to be serenaded, on orders from their boyfriend or girlfriend or wife or husband paying them them the $10 or $15 for a serenade. I heard from one of their brothers that I know, that the fundraiser was wildly successful for them, but hadn't thought of using a similar idea in relation to us.

Some of my sisters share the same sort of humor as you do, and would find it amusing to write little notes to various people in Chinese or Korean and then end up being able to translate them later and then write out the responses.

AnchorAlumna: I'd personally like to tackle doing some ready made "samples" with common sayings in the three languages that I specialize in to have ready for sale next week when we kick this off.

Thank you everyone for your input and ideas....they are all extremely helpful.
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