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Originally Posted by sjmason View Post

My niece just completed formal rush. After preference she decided she wanted to withdraw from rush but was advised/pressured to submit rankings. She went ahead and ranked the houses she had visited and signed the Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement (MRABA). She walked out and immediately was told she could not do informal rush due to this. She immediately regretted and tried to withdraw her form multiple times. They would not release the form. The counselor told her just not to show up to bid day, which she didn't, and Panhellenic advised her to go through the formal appeals process with Nationals. she feels horrible as she knows she took a spot from another candidate at a house but she felt strongly it was the wrong choice for her. Meanwhile she has does not have housing or any idea how long the appeals process will take or if it will work. Does anyone have any experience with appealing something like this?
She signed a contract. That means something. I have never heard of it being appealed or the decision reversed.

I don't understand the housing issue either. I don't know of a place where brand new members who are not yet initiated move into sorority housing. I am guessing maybe she is on a designated "sorority" floor in a dorm, but probably not the chapter that she walked away from.
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