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Originally Posted by cuteASAbug View Post
The reason that you cannot use credit cards on billhighway is because they are still a relatively small business, so their credit card processing fees are high. When a bill is 5 or more days past due, you are assessed a 2.5% fee but can pay by credit card then. This fee goes to cover the cost of the credit card transaction.
Well when I call billhighway to pay with my card (for late items only cos that's all they allow) they specifically say that my organization does not allow it (They won't let me pay any less then the total cost! Even if I want to put a significant amount). Although once it did let me pay $15 on my card...(I don't get it!)

If they really just can't take credit card cos they are so small even though I know many chapters have it and many orgs. force it on chapters as a whole (so they should have some money by now), then they are just sh*tty. Even the tiniest restaurant at the mall takes CC on orders of $3 or more!

I'm sure their services are very good as far as helping the treasurers, but for pete's sake they need to improve it on the paying person's side. There have to be other services who offer the same chapter financial analysis at a glance without all of this BS. National organizations should only settle for the best because APH seems like it's the cheap route out of all the companies seeing as how they offer less convenience. But I'm glad it works for you, cos it didn't work too good for me. (And don't get me started on selecting the invoices for payment...what a mess!)
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