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Hey navane, I was attempting sarcasm (or something of the sort). Remarks not directed at anyone on this thread! Should have used "indeed" instead of "sure" to start off the first sentence, huh?

I'm with 33 and Titchou and you and everyone else here; this is really making me very uncomfortable. At a campus where the majority of chapters are housed (such as Indiana), with a few chapters not yet housed, this (having everyone have parties at a neutral site) may not be feasible. And there are other factors as well in that scenario.

But at NMSU they don't have that issue. So what's the big protest from the housed chapters about moving recruitment to neutral sites so that all chapters are on the same playing field? Uh uh. Doesn't sit well, at all.

More and more I think about Animal Farm. "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others."
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