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I would discourage the bracelet. There's no guarantee how the chapter members will react. One sister could see it as a plus but another could see it as a negative.

Generally, chapter members are discouraged from bringing up boys during recruitment. However, it could come up naturally in conversation. It's not uncommon to ask if a PNM has family members or friends who are greek. Also, assuming your chapter hosts Derby Days, if that's brought up it would be an opening for her to mention your relationship.

I would only suggest she mention your relationship if she quickly deflects it from "I'm dating a fraternity guy" to "I've come to appreciate the friendships and opportunities that greek life has made possible." She needs to focus on what has drawn her to greek life other than you.

To be honest, when I was in school a couple PNMs came through who were dating fraternity guys. If I got the sense that they were rushing to get to spend more time with their bfs, or to keep an eye on them, I was hard core against them. Even when they were otherwise good potential members.
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