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Originally Posted by Iota Man View Post
This doesn't make any sense. You did a search on a past tense post I made months ago, and then turn around and call it present tense. The post I made yesterday (now past tense) was present.
Say what? "Past tense post"? A post from yesterday is now "past tense"? I'm talking about verb tenses. What in the name of McGuffey are you talking about?

"Attend" is present tense. "Attended" is past tense. "Will attend" is future tense. That's not going to change no matter how old the post is.

But thanks for the laughs.

You and I had this conversation before. I told you I didn't give a shit at the time, and I still don't give a shit...home's.
Obviously, but that's beside the point that every time somebody asks what that apostrophe is doing there, you respond by telling them what the word means because "they asked."

RIF . . . homes.
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