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Originally Posted by BetaIotaDZ View Post
XiDelt, do you have any additional information on the opportunities at the University of Wyoming? I looked up the Panhellenic and the campus has two local groups. Do you know if either of these groups is petitioning to affiliate with a national or if the expansion for a totally new group? Has the University offered housing options for a new group? The "fraternity mall" area seems like a wonderful opportunity for a group to be able to join - but is this being offered? Thanks for whatever information you have.
Is it okay if I answer? :-)

There are currently 3 empty houses and 3 plots available for housing. The University is committed to renovating the empty houses and will work with a new group (or groups) to either take over one of the renovations or in new building.

The Panhellenic council is also switching recruitment from a series of weeknight activities to one weekend. With this switch, the University and Panhellenic is expecting an increase in numbers.
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