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Originally Posted by DEVODUDE View Post
naraht;Thank you for the additional information. eventually, I'd like all five of the groups to have Wikpedia pages, right now only ZBT and Phi Epsilon Pi do. Should be more than enough information in Baird's and "Going Greek: Jewish College Fraternities in the United States 1895-1945" (

Go onto the ZBT National website. Click the Menu Bar and then click "About ZBT". On the left side, click the tap for "Our Antecedent Groups." Here you will see the 4 other fraternities with more detail descriptions.

Yes, I have seen those as well. *Theoretically* those pages would count as primary sources, so I'd like to find confirmation. I have actually found some things that are *more* exact than what is on the ZBT national website, specifically *the* days in which Kappa Nu and Phi Alpha Merged with Phi Epsilon Pi and Phi Sigma Delta respectively. And most of the sources simply say 1969-1970 for the mergers of ZBT with Phi Epsilon Pi and Phi Sigma Delta and I'm *trying* to sort that out. I'm pretty sure Phi Sigma Delta was 1969 and Phi Epsilon Pi was March 1970.
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