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No. Kappa Nu merged with Phi Epsilon Pi in 1961, which then merged with Zeta Beta Tau in 1970.

And Phi Alpha merged into Phi Sigma Delta in 1959, which merged into Zeta Beta Tau in 1969.

To clarify, ZBT had only 2 mergers....Phi Sigma Delta (1969) and Phi Epsilon Pi (1970).

However Zeta Beta Tau says
"ZBT is a Brotherhood of Kappa Nu, Phi Alpha, Phi Epsilon Pi, Phi Sigma Delta and Zeta Beta Tau."

The reason why is that an agreement was made in writing with Phi Sigma Delta and Phi Epsilon Pi that all former members of the merged fraternities including Phi Alpha and Kappa Nu would received Alumni recognition into the ZBT Brotherhood. ZBT Nationally wanted to retain all former members of the 4 merged fraternities so they would be able to continue their contribution to the Fraternity by serving as Chapter Advisors, Supreme Council Advisors, Foundation & Housing Directors, National Staff, etc.
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