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Originally Posted by |2eM!x View Post
Well heres my dilemma, I have pledged one fraternity almost to being a member. I am moving next semester and the fraternity I am rushing won't be at the school I am going to.

Should I drop rushing the fraternity and have some people hate me? Or should I rush it and if possible join another fraternity? I am not sure if I would want to join another fraternity as I have never seen any of them on my next campus.

Any ideas?
I am not sure about what you are refering to except You are not an Initiated member of this Fraternity! You are not a Member until then.

If you transfer and there is not a chapter there, what do you care?

I am not being hard, just factual!

If you transfer and find another National then you are in the clear. If you still want to be a part of the Old National, then maybe check into starting a colony!

But it you do, you have a lot of work in front of you.

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