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At the Bennigans closest to our school, there are huge KD and Sigma Chi letters hanging across from each other on either side of the foyer/entryway. In true Greek spirit, some Sigma Chis were there the last time a few of my sisters and I were having dinner, and they sent us a pitcher of beer. They're a bunch of sweethearts, and I can't wait to do homecoming with them (and Beta too, of course)!

The first time I saw Road Trip after I pledged, I got so excited when the girl goes to the University of Austin (or is it Boston? I haven't seen it in a while, so forgive me!), and goes to the Kappa LAMBDA house to find the first glance I thought it was KD! Honest mistake for a new member

Oh, and I saw Cribs with Papa Roach too...why would you keep your paddle in the bathroom? I agree that it doesn't really go with the rest of the eastern decorating scheme in the house, but maybe in the study, or bedroom by her dresser of something?! It is really awesome that they showed it though!

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