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Originally Posted by Itgirl View Post
Hi guys. I'm in need of great advice. I'm stuck in a dilemma. So I'm a senior set to graduate in the spring of 2018. Ever since middle school I've been interested in joining XYZ Sorority. When I transferred to my current university my sophomore year I was very busy with other things so I couldn't pledge. And next year is when I will be able to. The problem is that the chapter at my school was suspended last year and apparently they're trying to get it back to campus but no one knows for sure whether they'll come back or not. Throughout my research, I also gained an interest in sorority ABC and I do see myself as a member of them as well. Now the sticky part is that I expressed interest to one of the girls in sorority XYZ throughout conversation to see if they were Coming back. I genuinely do like both sororities and stand with their core values, so I'm not joining just to join. if sorority XYZ doesn't come back I wanna join sorority ABC. I feel as though I would have a better connection with the girls in sorority ABC. Will joining ABC be a bad look if XYZ doesn't come back?

This is a problem--> "if sorority XYZ doesn't come back I wanna join sorority ABC." It says you are confused. We (NPHC) don't do flip flop. I love my Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc. and out of sisterly RESPECT to my sistergreeks of AKA, Delta and Zeta, come to the table knowing exactly what you want and be %100% that org. In a nutshell, yes, it's a bad look.

Suggestion: If you can talk to a/cultured member(s) of either interested org, find out the why's, what's and so forth, that kept them in their org for over 20, 30 40, etc. years. Yes, it matters. Lifetime membership. No refunds, final sale, no exchanges. The end. My point is be honest with yourself about your reasons for wanting membership and remember that it's not just about the local chapter but the national org. You could join a great undergrad chapter but not like the grad or national experience and then what? Or vice versa.

I can't tell you how many times I've heard young women (of all orgs) say "Ugh, I wish I had joined AAA instead. " because of whatever reason ie: legacy status, best friend is a AAA, etc.. At the end of the day, YOU should be happy with your choice because it's permanent and written in your epitaph.

I was going to say that before you make contact with ANYONE be certain of your decision of organization but since you say you've already made it known to a member of XYZ, area members likely already know that you have interest.

Best to you.
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