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With regards to the UNA Student Activities Fee, one of the stipulations behind organizations being able to receive funding is that the event cannot be a members-only event. Yes, Greeks get a good chunk of the funds from the Student Allocations Committee, but those events do generally have to be open for attendance by all students, not just the members of the organization. Also, not all of the Student Activites Fee goes to Allocations for organizations to apply for. When it was implemented, Allocations received less than half of it, with the other remainder going to the programming branch of SGA, the University Program Council, which I was a delegate on during my years at UNA. Since then, they have redistributed it some.


The Student Government Association voted in April 2007 to implement the Student Allocation Funding process to respond to the needs of the recognized student organizations (RSOs) and enable these groups to develop programming based on the educational mission of the University as outlined in the University Catalog and Student Handbook. The money generated from the student activity fee will be split with 60% allocated to the University Program Council and 40% allocated to the Student Allocation Committee for the 2007-2008 academic year. Beginning October 1, 2007, RSOs were able to apply for funding through the Student Allocation Committee.

As of Fall 2014, SGA changed the distribution of the student activity fee as outlined below.

$2 is allocated to the Game Room
Remainder is split as follows: 44% University Program Council, 44% Student Allocation Funding, 9% Leadership and Volunteerism, 3% Miss UNA Pageant

The site linked also has the breakdown of how funding was distributed to organizations for each academic year that has occurred since the implementation of this program.
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