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NPHC and Interest

I am looking for serious answers please. I am interested in joining a BGLO. I transferred to my university from community college last fall. Being apart of the first generation in my family to go off to college I never had anyone to talk to, in regards to what is right and what is wrong when showing interest in BGLO. My first day on campus I seen the alphas and how they were on campus. I seen that they were very intelligent bruhs and most of them were apart of the most highest honorary fraternity on my campus as well as being a member of Alpha Phi Alpha. seeing that, and also seeing that they were the only fraternity that stood out on campus I was drawn to the org. I showed interest in the fraternity got cool with some of the bruhs and later was invited to the informational. Also, I did minimal research about the org, and I will be honest I am a person that sometimes act on impulse. So I did very little research on the org and I thought from the research I did it was the fraternity for me. BTW this didnt happen during the fall semester it was span of the full year. Later in the spring semester the Kappa's crossed. At first I didnt look twice at them, however after doing major research on all of the orgs I came to the decision that Kappa was the one for me. My question to you guys is this accepted in greek life? Or should I just stop showing interest in both orgs? I really need to know, because I dont want to seem as if my loyalty is flawed. So please let me know how members of BGLO view this?
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