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Originally posted by UMgirl:
At UM we use both words and probably frat more, however more people say what house is XYZ in. And the GDI's actually use the word fraternity more often.
I could see that UMgirl. With membership comes privileges. Members of a Fraternity have worked and can call themselves "frat". GDI's have not and are not allowed that privilege. Same thing with how members of my organization feel about calling a member an "AKA". Some members take offense to it. We are the ones who worked for the letters and can call ourselves that. Others should refer to us as members of Alpha Kappa Alpha. Either way, it doesn't offend me and it's never been an issue with me. I have bigger things to be offended by. Now, if a GDI was to call you HIS frat, then there would be a problem.
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