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I'd agree that a good GPA is a foot in the door. If you have the personality of a brick wall, a chapter won't want you if you even if you have a 4.0. GCers tend to emphasize GPA when giving advice to high school students who come here for advice, PNMs at schools with deferred recruitment, and anyone who is going through as a non-freshman.

GPA based cuts at fall FMR schools will differ depending on how competitive the school is; more competitive schools will probably make fewer cuts based on GPA, because, it can't be too low or the PNM wouldn't have been admitted. Less competitive schools might have a wider range of high school GPAs and may make more cuts based on GPA.

Recs are the same way, a foot in the door. A glowing rec means next to nothing if you are bland in person (at competitive chapters at least).

ETA: I think also part of the reason that conversation doesn't get mentioned as much is because it's subjective and harder to give concrete suggestions for conversation.
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