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Originally Posted by NYCMS View Post
At this point I'm not sure what to think - but one thing I've noticed is that the OP has gotten oodles of great input and advice. Oodles. And it seems the same questions from OP keep being raised. Bottom line? You have a bid. You have no guarantee of receiving an invitation for AI, just as not everyone gets a bid. AI can take years. And as wonderful as it is, it does not offer the same experience as being a member of a collegiate chapter.

In short, you're looking at a future that might not happen versus a 'present' that already is what you want, despite being across the country.
That's a good point... I was looking at a future with a "maybe" vs. what I actually have now, even if remote at the moment.

I talked to the president of my collegiate sorority last night about my moving/life situation. She was super nice and understanding. She's going to talk to the chapter advisor and nationals (?) about my options. She said the bid was intentional and they want me involved and will try to help me stay active from afar... she just has to talk to the advisor about my inevitable absences for any in-person events. They're trying to move to in-person events later this semester as soon as they can, but at least some will remain virtual.