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Originally Posted by LXA1994 View Post
Hello, all! It's been a while!

I can now call you my brothers! I was initiated as a brother of Lambda Chi Alpha in April! I'm still numb from the deep, rich experience.

Lambda Chi is the biggest and most well known fraternity on my campus. My boss, two coworkers, and a couple best friends all wear the Lambda Chi Alpha ring, the gold one that can be found on Herff Jones' website.

It's a real beauty. I am considering getting one. I've had trouble wearing letters because I don't wear tshirts, and a ring seems perfect. I'm hoping to go into student affairs and higher ed, so it would really benefit me to have something to identify me as a Lambda Chi that I can wear with professional dress. Especially in that field.

Do any of you wear the ring? If so, has it struck up conversation about Lambda Chi, or even caused you to meet a brother?
I wear one some days to work. Mine is a little bit different than the Herff-Jones Version.

It is a pre-merger gold crest mounted on a rectangle onyx, set in a gold mount. It is quite beautiful and I try to take really good care of it since the crest isnt worn at all and still has most of its detail.

Its my precioussssss
Lambda Chi Alpha
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