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From the way it was explained to me, and to elaborate on what Brother Dickson said, the leadership of our Fraternity decided that for all of the time, effort, and money that Kappa Sigma put into the NIC, we were not getting much out. So we decided to part ways and found the FLA, an organization that was devoted to promoting Fraternity interests, and doing it in an effective and cost-conscious manner.

It should be noted that several other MAJOR international Fraternities left the NIC at the same time (Phi Delta Theta being one of them).

I never saw much out of the NIC anyways, except for a stupid IFC pin and manual when I was an IFC officer and IFC conferences which were basically a substitute for excellent leadership development programs by individual Fraternities, something we have here in Kappa Sigma. If thats what Kappa Sigma's money and time was going towards before we left the NIC, then I am glad the decision was made.

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