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Originally posted by NinjaPoodle
Congrats DWAlphaGam! Sent you a PM.

Do you get to wear the Henna on your hands and feet?

I'm a photographer also but I've never shot anything other than christian weddings (Quinceaneras also, which might as well be a wedding)
I would love to see an Indian/Punjab wedding. Lucky you.
I just spent the better part of an hour looking for the wedding pictures of some online friends of mine! They got married in a combination Indian/Orthodox wedding (religiously Orthodox, traditionally Indian). The bride had outstanding henna designs on her hands, and threatened to get them tattooed so she'd never have to work!!

FWIW, the idea of the henna is that a newlywed woman should not work, so her hands are covered in henna'ed designs. She cannot work until the henna wears off.
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