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Originally posted by NinjaPoodle
Congrats DWAlphaGam! Sent you a PM.

Do you get to wear the Henna on your hands and feet?

I'm a photographer also but I've never shot anything other than christian weddings (Quinceaneras also, which might as well be a wedding)
I would love to see an Indian/Punjab wedding. Lucky you.
Oops! Don't congratulate me yet, because we're not engaged yet. However, we've been together a long time (it will be 7 years in March), and we've been talking about marriage a lot lately, so he should be proposing soon. He and I just have so many ideas and plans for our wedding that we both tend to talk about it like it's a done deal.

And yes, I am planning on doing henna, aka mehndi. I'll probably keep it fairly simple so that it doesn't look weird when I'm in my white dress, though.
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