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Every one of those models was hot except the last one. The last one looks like she is cross-eyed, has weird hair and might possibly be going bald.


Originally posted by ms_gwyn
ohhhh I love this thread...yea I've had my wedding planned since I was around 12 and nothing has really changed. I will have a formal evening winter wedding.

Now I have several gowns that I am posting that I really like, but the last two are a combination of what I see my dress being like, which I will have made, I already have the designer, she made my prom dress and is a great seamstress, you should have seen her daughter's gown and beaded, sheath, stunning.

Now all I have to do is find the groom, when (or if) I get married, its just going to take a while

Ok now my dress color will be a candlelight and I imagine a "Juliet" or "Maid Mariane" type dress, empire waist, long sleeves, etc. I also imagine perhaps a simple empire or A-Line sheath with an elaborate jackets that will be either empire or a-line depending on the style. The one thing that I do know is that there will be no pouff within 100 miles of my wedding. I also image my brides maids in either a 2 piece blouse/skirt or blouse/palazzo pants

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