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LoL I got a long list here.

from Rush Hour:
"Never touch a black man's radio boy! You may do that in China but you could get your ass whooped in here!"
"Fifty million dollars! Who do you think you got, Chelsea Clinton?"
*and that whole scene with the Chinese girl singing in the car: my friends tease me that I sound and look like her whenever I sing* LOL,oops.*

From Clueless: "What the hell is that?" "a dress" "Says who?" "Calvin Klein"

From Road Trip: "Yeah, coz I just had sex this morning...with a PERSON! Yeah!"--Kyle

From Next Friday: "I know your dad doesn't like you to smoke in his house, but I'm your Uncle Elroy! I don't give a damn how high you get in long as u let me hit it"

From Dont Be A Menace To South Central...: the whole script, but my favorite is when the lil kid comes out with a cordless p hone and acts like a real baller and is all like "hey what's up with all them hoes tonight?"

and my all time fave quotes:
Drive Me Crazy: "In order to make an impact, you have to go to extremes"--Nicole
Can't Hardly Wait:"Fate can only take you so far because once you're up there, it's up to you to make it happen"--the angel stripper (i take this quote seriously, it's like my "seize the day")

"To supress our feelings only makes them stronger"--from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
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