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Originally posted by pbpck:
From Friday...
"You gotta be a stupid motha f*cka to get fired on your day off"-Smokey

I'm paraphrasing, but...
"Man, y'all aint never got nothing that go together. You got kool aid, you aint god no sugar... You got ham, you aint got no burger."-Smokey

"Puff, Puff, Give, Puff, Puff, GIVE, man. C' f*cking up the rotation!"-Smokey
Man that movie is HILARIOUS!!!


Bernie Mac (paraphrased): Down at church we call that a sinny sin sin.

Smokey, in his preacher voice: Well around here, between 45th and Weston, we call this here a little twinny twin twin, #!&&@!


Felicia: Hey Craig, Can I borrow your VCR? I need to dub a tape.

Craig: Man, most people wanna borrow a cup of sugar, you wanna borrow my VCR?? Hell naw!

Felicia: Smokey, can I borrow yo' car?

Smokey: Hell naw

Felicia: Alright, I'ma remember that.

Smokey: Remember it, write it down, take a picture, I don't give a F---!

Oh, the hilarity...
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