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oh man, awsome post LeslieAGD
I have sooo many, so excuse my french ahead of time, ya'll

Whatever it Takes: "Heres $10.00 5 for the check, and 5 to get a clue"

Reindeer Games: "All I want is some hot chocolate and some got damn pecan pie"

Players Club: " Them b@#$*es were all Buckynaked"
"If I get up there will be trouble Trouble troubbllleee"

Donnie Brasco : " Hey, whats forget about it mean?, You know when your wit the fellas and ya say which is better a caddie or an oldsmobile, u say eh , forget about it. Or if your with your old lady yanking ya chain, you say eh forget about it"

Godfather: "it's time to take it the mattresses"

Happy Gilmore: Fight with Bob Barker " The price is right B@$@!"

sorry all this is a commercial line but it's soo my favorite"
Old M&M Commercial: "The names Chocolate Bar.... But you can call me Chococolatte..."

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