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Politically Correct Terminology

Not to be a spoil sport in this happy recruitment forum, but I was reading one of the threads and saw the term "suicide." Our Panhellenic advisor told us last year that NPC now uses the term "Single Intentional Preference," or "SIP." "Suicide" can be a very painful word for some people. Since there is a more PC (Panhellenic-ly Correct) term for choosing only one sorority on a bid card, I would hope that Greeks and PNM's on this board would make an effort to use the correct new term. Kind of like how Rush changed to Recruitment, Rho Chi changed to...well, a lot of different names , and suiciding is now SIP. Thank you everyone who takes the time to read this and implement this new term in future posts.

This is in no way an attack on the thread that used the term "suicide." I know that some schools may still use this term, as well as "rush" and "rho chi." I know it won't change things overnight on this forum, but it's a sensitive subject for myself and I would just like to inform people of an alternative.
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