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DeltAlum is mine!

He is a fun Guy!

Sorry D A!

In many instances, The Brothel Law is Brought up and is untrue as has been shown.

Private and Realigious Affiliated Schools have different Rules to abide by.

That is called the Law of The Land. They Dictate the circumstances of living Facilities.

LXA lived in a School Owned House after Theirs Burned. William-Jewell, in Mo.

I was in it a couple of times and asked the Brothers, what are you doing living here, this house should be condemmend!

Well, not a Problem now, a new 3 1/2 Mill. house!

But The Cardinal House was scarry as Hell!

A fire would have wiped out almost all of the Chapter.

But, many times, maybe the Brothel Law is brought up to disway Soroitys from expanding on campus.

Dont Know, but am sure you can go to the Legal City Ordaninces, LAWS and find out about this from the Zoning Department!

LX Z # 1
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