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Originally posted by Little E
Why is it that Penn State is so entirely convinced that they do have a brothel law?

I talked to one girl from Penn State and she said that they couldn't move off because of NPC fair housing requirements. This would be accurate right? You can't have 90% living in dorm floors with one group with a house right? you need to have at least half or something with houses?
I didn't mean that Penn State (the college or the students) think they have a brothel law. I mean the women weren't allowed to move off campus - whether they were living together or not - and by the time they were, the 5368 fraternities that are there had taken all the zoned land. It would be difficult for one sorority to build a house, let alone the 19 that are there now. Like the girl you talked to said, the "what one has all must have comparable" thing comes into play.

The sororities did have on-campus houses at one time, but had to give them up to the returning GIs.
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