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Greek orgs have individual houses around Sacramento. Quite a few of the fraternities had them but they became police hangouts and actually one was condemned and is probably now destroyed. There is one sorority with an official house and I am sure two zillion other sisters of various sororities that live together in one place (ie two or three roomates.)

CSUS is a commuter school. Yeah it may be cool to have a greek row, but there is NO WHERE near Sac State that can handle ALL greek orgs on campus. No matter how often student gov campaigns claim they will make a Greek Row, it will never happen.

However I do remember one of my friends in Sonoma (not Greek not were any of her roomies) having trouble finding a house because Sonoma has some "brothel" law. It was probably the case mentioned in the article about just having too many non-related women (or men) living in one place designed for one family.
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