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username: RiaLucia
real first name: Maria
initiation date: 11/08/2004 (I had to go get my badge and sad is that?)
home chapter: Eta Delta Chapter, Valparaiso University
currently serving the Fraternity as: New Member Education Chairman
Home chapter claim to fame: One of our women who just graduated and used to post here from time to time said it best "our chapter's just a baby!" We were a local sorority, Phi Beta Chi, until 1998. So we don't have much in the way of a long-standing tradition of being or doing something in particular as Kappas. However, like Cat said, we have an awfully bright new member class this past spring! Best out of 6 sororities!

About me: I, like Kristi, am a military brat, so I've been all over. Born in WA state, lived in Virginia, Germany, Pennsylvania (where I am now), and I've been to school in Ohio and now Indiana. I enjoy singing, dancing, acting, reading, and writing. I'm going into my senior year of college and I'm so very excited for it, as I've been ready to get out ever since I did the Walt Disney World College Program and got a taste of "real" life. So that brings me to my other "about me", which is that I'm a Disney freak and constantly sucking up info about its parks, resorts, movies, etc. I am an English major, but my love lies in my minor, which is communications. I enjoy graphic design and do a little web work, and if Cat wasn't such a fantastic webmaster, I would've stepped in and freshened up our chapter website myself. I hope to graduate on schedule and return to Orlando, Florida and take up a career with Walt Disney World.

You may also recognize me on the Kappa LJ community, as my name on LJ is also RiaLucia. Actually, that's my name pretty much everywhere.
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