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Originally posted by lionlove
The only thing that ever annoyed me at a rush party was boredom. It never happened during conversation but during skit one year we were performing and we saw one girl with a bored look. Trust me, we notice these things.
Oh my god, i was in our skit last year and there was this girl in the front row frowning and with her mouth open, looking like this was weirder than aliens landing on top of her dorm. it was so distracting and i purposely asked people who she was just so i could know for my own benefit. so the moral of the story is SMILE even when you think no one's watching...that can be the hardest thing of all.

And another piece of advice...sure, it's not cool for you to go around proclaiming your undying love for XYZ, but when you know that you love a place, TELL the sisters is a non-awkward way, like "I could really see myself fitting in here" or compliment them by saying "You guys are so nice and down to earth, you make recruitment fun for me, etc."...but don't go overboard and say "I LOVE you all! Where can I sign right now? You are my best friends" because that would be stalkerish...but if you compliment sisters in a sincere and simple way, they will remember you and think "Oh, she's so sweet!" and they'll know that you're really interested.
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