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Originally posted by WhiteDaisy128
In the movie, Legally Blond, Reese spent a lot of time with the USC chapter of Delta Gamma to try to learn more about sorority life. They filmed in the USC house as well (although now I believe they have a new house). The USC DG Chapter is Alpha Nu...Take Delta from DG and Nu from Alpha Nu and you get Delta Nu!! Coincedence?
Delta Gamma's Alpha Nu chapter has had the same house since before I was born. They did not get a new chapter house. Reese did spend time with Kappa and DG at USC prior to the filming of the movie. I do not believe they used the inside of the DG house in the movie, and they did not use it as the outside of the Delta Nu house either. There was a lot of filming done on campus though. A lot of college movies are filmed at LA area campuses.
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