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nu sig's house has pictures of our house on it- it was built in 1929 just for us- it has four floors- a ballroom- library- 26 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms.... and a big ass kitchen... they say our house mother- mother b- haunts the house- we hear her from time to time and we can hear the piano in the ballroom playing... but i know she is just looking out for us- i talk to her when i'm there by myself so i don't get scared! all of your houses are absolutely beautiful! i am so jealous- ours is pretty plain- the other sorority houses on campus are all near each other and are so gorgeous as well- but we have our own house- we own it- and they rent theirs- so i guess it all works out in the end also some other pictures are at

lol you like the garbage sitting out front? haha
you don't need electricity to cut pineapple.

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