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The Kappa house at Iowa State:

There have been some changes since this picture was taken; the sign was mysteriously destroyed and a new one is still being made, new tile was placed on the steps/patio leading to the front door, a KKG placard was placed by the door and new front landscaping is in the works. Plus, some of the big old evergreens had to be torn down due to a crow problem. It sucked because the trees were so old and gorgeous, but you pretty much had to run under them or face the possiblilty of being isht on because of the damn crows. I didn't need an alarm clock, those bitches woke me up every day at 6 am with their incessant cawing.
It's gonna be a hootenanny.
Or maybe a jamboree.
Or possibly even a shindig or lollapalooza.
Perhaps it'll be a hootshinpaloozaree. I don't know.

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