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To our PNMS,

I love coming on GC and reading through the posts. The Recruitment Forum is definintely of interest to me, because our new members are the life blood of our organizations: you!

Some things to keep in mind-- you can severely analyze the recruitment process to death, but when it comes down to it: this is a mutual selection process. Just as every sorority has their mathetmatical/scientific/slightly qualitative nonbiased method of selection, every PNM has her own method for determining if she likes a sorority. Maybe it's the friendly faces who greet you as you enter the party, or their impressive awards, the fraternity socials they have to offer, maybe its their high GPA, their philantrhopy, their colors or you are attracted to the "status." (!) Whatever the reason, you have your own methods when you choose the houses, too.

Keep in mind: the women on "the other side"-- those sorority sisters-- they are SOOOO nervous! Yes! In some cases, more nervous than you. They have their off-days (I'll never forget a woman from my chapter introducing herself to a PNM as, "Hi I'm Brie-- you, know, like the cheese!" You get the picture!) All summer, the sorority women are pouring over your recruitment applications, trying to get an idea of who is coming through. Some of us meet someone and develop a "rush crush," and believe me, if you cut their chapter or you are cut from their chapter, they are devastated. They cry.
They are just as stressed as you. I just want you to know that NO ONE has an upper hand in this process-- so don't feel anyone has an advantage over you.

There are some great books out there, some really old ones, too (LOL)-- about sorority/fraternity recruitment, the art of interviewing, the art of conversation, etc. Of course it is helpful to read those, just as it is helpful to read these boards, talk to your campus Greek Life office, and review the websites or literature available regarding the GLO's on your campus.

Recruitment is a lot like business networking and interviewing for a job. You meet tons of people, shake hands and mutually, you must decide if this is the right place for you.

First impressions DO count. It's not a matter of being superficial. You should strive all your life to be something better than who you are today. You don't have to be a pencil-thin blonde beauty queen who has worked overseas in pursuit of world peace. But looking your personal best, listening and asking thoughtful questions, finding a common bond with the person you are speaking to and tooting your own accomplishments will get you far, both in recruitment and in life.

One thing you should not compromise or change: who you really are. I do say be your personal best, but don't be anyone but yourself. Doing anything less is only cheating yourself. If the formal recruitment process is not something that you feel is working for you, informal recruitments are just around the corner. If you get cut from a house you like, its not the end of the world. And as we say in Greek Life, "Everything happens for a reason." I like to reference one of my best friends, who went through a sorority colonization, hoping to be a founding sister of XYZ. She got cut right before their preference ceremony and was so upset. The following fall, however, she decided, she really wanted to try fall recruitment... she ended up getting a bid to XYZ and became a member of their very first new member class!

Everything works out in the end. So have faith in yourself, and faith in the Greek System. We at GC are all rooting for your to find your home as a Panhellenic Sister We can't wait to see what lies in store! So remember, and I can't say this enough-- be true to yourself. Your "Sisters" will see this.

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