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Re: Drinking

Originally posted by momoftwo
Reading through this thread, I've noticed lots of advice to stay away from talk about drinking during recruitment. My daughter and I were talking about the drinking aspect of sorority life last night. She's a pretty, bright, well-rounded kid (but I'm biased) who, up until now has had no interest in drinking. However, there are a lot of aspects of Greek Life that appeal to her. She doesn't want to end up in a house where she'll feel like an outcast because she doesn't drink. How would you all suggest she approach figuring out whether or not this would be the case? I've suggested she bring the question up with her Recruitment Advisor. Did anyone here have similar concerns?

Momoftwo, I have dealt with this too. My oldest was terrified of feeling like an outcast since she doesn't drink either. Luckily, she hasn't felt like one yet and she's now a college senior.

BlazerCheer doesn't drink either and hopes to find a sorority home where no one will be mean enough to give her grief because she doesn't. We finally decided that she shouldn't bring it up because during rush, members aren't going to admit that they drink or bother people who don't.

One alum told me that she figured out where drinking wasn't a big deal by looking at the various groups' party pictures. That's a good idea--most GLOS' scrapbooks and displays practically advertise how they have fun.

So...about the best my husband and I can do is train our daughters to be tough about resisting peer pressure. Whether or not they go Greek, there will always be other college students who will try to get them to drink.
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