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DO be polite and courteous. You are a guest in their house.

DO find something in common with the person you are talking to.

DO find time to learn about the person you are talking to and her sorority, and DO make sure to toot your own horn so she knows all about your 4.0 GPA, the time you met Justin Timberlake, your major/hometown, and your community service experiences. Ok, maybe she won't care about your casual run-in with Justin. And maybe some GC'ers are rolling their eyes-- but the point is-- every PM coming in has a high GPA, community service, looks her best and wants to join-- what is YOUR narrative hook? Did you dance for royalty, travel the world, found a student organization or cure cancer? There is something memorable wonderful and special about you-- your mom has been telling you for years how great you are-- believe it! Give the sororities a (true) story so they remember who you are--- there are a million Jennifers and Amys going through recruitment. But I am sure there is only one Amy at your school who was captain of a nationally ranked FILL IN THE BLANK group who won FILL IN THE BLANK.

DO remember: You are rushing to make friends--- if the conversation is dull and you are really reaching... well, it's no skin off your back to cut or be cut-- you are saving yourself from 4 years of having nothing in common with your collegiate chapter (and by then you'll be too resentful to want to enjoy the benefits of alumnae membership!)

DON'T Rush to join the "top house," whatever that means. Rush to make friends!!! When you click with a chapter, you will know it is meant to be. And a chapter is only as strong as the friendships and cooperation of its members-- so when your recruitment counselor tells you to follow your heart in selecting your bid, it isn't a canned answer at all!

Good luck to all of our PM's!
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