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For Potential New Members:

Please sit like a lady. I had a girl during one round of recruitment and she sat like a "truck driver!" Granted she did not pledge with us or any other house, it was just gross and I found it offensive.

Please be yourself and remember that the active rushing you might be nervous too, especially if it is her first time rushing.

Don't wear perfume! Believe it or not when there are tons of girls coming into the house with perfumes on it makes us sick and the PNMs sick sometimes. (but don't forget the deodorant!!!)

Smile even if you aren't that interested in the house. Smiling is just polite and plus, why not look happy!

Make sure you eat something before you attend your parties. I have seen girls pass out during recruitment while walking from house to house. I realize you are probably excited and nervous but eat like a bagel or a something light.

Put all of her makeup (for touchups in between parties) in a zip lock back with your name on it. Don't bring a purse! You don't need it! (well unless it is for that "special time.") Your Gamma Chi (Rho Chi) should be willing to hold your bag for you.

Finally, make sure you have fun! Recruitment is a great way to meet girls and to make friends!
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