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i wish gc was around when i was going through rush!
my biggest thing about rush conversation is when a PNM talks all about another glo or her boyfriend's glo. I find it such a turn off. Granted, if you don't feel like you will fit into the house, we understand....but, at least have some manners and be friendly. you never know who the sister's are friends with.
a little story....
a pnm came to my house during first round, with over 400 girls rushing. she was really stand-off ish and when she would speak it was like she was making the biggest effort in her entire life to talk to me. so the party ended and later that night i ran into some of my friends in XYZ sorority who i had known for two years and lived with. they mentioned how great this girl was at their party. i told them about my experience with her. the next round she was invited back to my house, but this time when she did speak all she talked about was how wonderful XYZ was and how she couldn't believe she was wasting her time at all the other houses. this got me peeved. the next day, i saw my friends in XYZ and told them about this girl and how rude she was, but i didn't mention anything about her bringing up XYZ. they ended up cutting her. whether it was something i said, i will never know....but, i can only say that sometimes friends in other sororities take your opinion very strongly.
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