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I was always told that the four B's were rush no-no's: boys, beer, bank account, and Bible.

Boys (especially fraternity boys!): if you have a boyfriend, obviously you can mention this -- or any time the rusher brings up something where you might have to allude to boys, it's fine. Otherwise, I'd stay away from it. You don't want to be going, "Oh my god, I love ABC fraternity!" when you have no idea how the rusher feels about them. She might think that your gushing about fraternity boys means you only want to be in a sorority to meet men. Or their sorority may not be on the best of terms with the ABC boys. Or her very recent ex-boyfriend may be an ABC who just cheated on her and dumped her for a new girl. Whatever the case is, it's a touchy subject. You also don't want to mention any subjects that might offend some of the girls with more "moral" upbringings than yours, too -- don't mention the fact that you stayed at some random guy's house the night before, etc.

Beer: you don't want to say anything that might lead them to believe that you won't represent the sorority well. While most of the sorority girls I know do drink, it's pretty much understood that you don't talk about it during rush.

Bank account: you don't want to talk about money simply because you have no idea how it could affect your rusher. If you have a lot of money, this may be looked at as a good thing, or they may assume you're snobby. If you don't have a ton of money, they may think you won't be able to pay sorority dues, or they may assume you're more down-to-earth. Of course there are occasions where the subject may come up -- if they ask you what you did over the summer, you should tell the truth whether the answer is "I went on a six-week tour of Europe" or "I worked 60 hours a week" -- but in generally you should try to avoid the topic.

Bible: obviously religion is off-limits during rush, and this goes for other controversial beliefs too. Basically anything you wouldn't talk about with somebody you just met, you wouldn't talk about during rush -- abortion, political leanings, the death penalty, whatever.

Also, don't be too negative. If they ask you how your classes are going, how you like your dorm, your roommate -- find something positive to say, even if you hate all your classes, your dorm room is worse than a prison and your roommate is a psychopath! It definitely doesn't make for a good impression to complain about everything. I know that for my sorority, girls with positive attitudes are one of the first things we look for, and it definitely makes a better impression than somebody who whines about everything.

I don't think it's that hard to figure out -- just imagine what you would talk about with someone you met in a non-rush setting and go from there.
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