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During rush parties...

--talk about controversial things like political views, abortion, race, etc. You really don't know (and may not be able to tell) if you're rubbing the other person the wrong way. It's okay if you don't agree with the other person, fine, but it's just not appropriate talk with someone you just met at a sorority rush party.

--talk about guys (unless you know someone in common in a non-sketchy way), hookups, drinking, drugs, or excessively talk about your party life. You wouldn't want to make it sounds like there's nothing more to you than liking to have a good time.

--talk much (or at all!) about other sororities. You look bad if you trash another house, and if you say you like another house, the girls at the house you're at may think you don't want them.

Don't forget that the upperclass Greek women are watching you during fall term, whether you have open contact (are allowed to talk/hang out) or not. They are observing you in class, at parties, in extracurricular clubs, etc. Some rushees are completely unaware that what you do during the term before rush week really does count, either for you or against you. By the time actual rush begins, many Greek girls will already have formed an opinion of you by observing you in other situations. You need to be on your best behavior most of the time in public. Don't talk loudly about sororities in public places... you never know if a sorority girl is standing near you, or if one's boyfriend is. This is especially true at small colleges where the gossip mill is out of control.
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