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weird place huh? how about a hole in the wall restaurant that i like because they let me put garlic on the pizza... went there with a couple of bros one night, and I was wearing letters, and this old 80+ year old guy just shouts at me from across the room... "evening frater".. turns out he was a teke at an oklahoma univ. in the 50s... then going to Hooters and seeing its founder (Edward Droste) pose with all the girls in his letters was actually hella cool.... they had a big probably 2' x 6' panoramic picture and his letters were bad ass... but i think one place where i SHOULD've seen my letters, but didn't, was at Greek Week 2001, when Sigma Chi had Elvis (yeah.. that Elvis.. you know.. the King, etc etc) in their skit and put their letters on him... i was on the verge of doing some nasty stuff, but in the end, i had to realize that if i did anything, we'd automatically be disqualified... either way, we all still shouted "Elvis was a teke" at the end of their skit... other weird places... how bout Vegas? go to have dinner with my parents, and can't have my dad stop complaining about me wearing letters (i really like to wear letters), and then having the manager of the restaurant come up to me and shake my hand, then letting my father know that dinner was on the house... didn't really change his perspective on fraternities, but at least he stopped complaining for a few days either way, i'm out cause it's close to 10pm, too many stories i told, and i got work at 5am... nite everyone!

Fraternally yours, Dragos
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